Recently, I found links to download those novel, now I wanna share it with you. Just read until finish, then you can find the links from me.

They’re such a great fantasy novels. The Lorien Legacies series is one of my favorite after Harry Potter an Percy Jacksons and The Olympians series.

I am Number Four the movie has been released in February 2011, and August 23rd the second novel, The Power of Six released. And, I just found the e-Book :D

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Recently, I got e-books donations from a reader of this blog, Ailla Shareena Magcamit. Thank you! :) I will post it one by one, first The Fallen Legacies by Lauren Kate.

There are five books. Fallen, Torment, Passion, Fallen in Love, and Rapture. I promised to share rapture to Allia. Here you are! the whole series (including Rapture) :D

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I’ve watched the movie and it was pretty cool. So when I know the movie is adapted from novel, I want to share this too with you all. Here you go!

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Dinda Ayu Rahmi

Lorien Legacies' The Lost Files

Hahahaha… This is the most requested books I’ve watched this time. I’m actually going to post this soon. But now, I think I can post it immediately. Here you go!

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The Son of Sobek

The crossover tale that Rick Riordan’s mythology-loving young fans have been asking for is on its way. So, this is the cross-over of Percy Jackson Series and The Kane Chronicles Series.

Thanks for you guys, who has requested this book. It made me know this. :D

Here it is!

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Once again! Requested books from commentators! Here they are, the works of Dan Brown! I love his works too so I will share it to you! :D

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Beautiful Creatures

Well, so many commentators of this blog request this series :)

Here we go!

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I’ve posted The Host by Stephenie Meyer but how can I not post the twilight saga series. Well, without any of talking, let’s get this right :D

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How can I forget to post the links of the most amazing series in the whole world ever! Well, one of the commentator remind me of this. So here you go, the download links of Harry Potter series by J.K Rownling.

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There you are, this is the most requested series in the comments, so I decided to post it right away. As usual, let’s go to the brief synopsis.

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