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Hola, Bonjour :)

My name is Dinda Ayu Rahmi

I’m a student at Acceleration Class of 3 Bandung Senior High School.

Starting my blogging career with http://dindasmart.wordpress.com, launched dindasmart [dot] com in May, 19th 2009.

  • dinda(at)dindasmart(dot)com (e-mail)
  • smartayu26 (Y!M)
  • Twitter (tell me that you are dinda’s mart reader)
  • Tumblr
  • SDN Margahayu 13 – Bekasi (2008)
  • SMPN 1 Bekasi (2011)
  • SMAN 3 Bandung (2013)
  • Sistem Teknologi Informasi, Institut Teknologi Bandung (2013)
  • Car Free Day (short) – (producer) (director) (writer) (editor) (music by) | 2013
  • Koin (short) – (2nd. Assistant Director) | 2013
  • On A High (short) – (production manager) | 2013
  • @Kation3 – DJ Got Us Falling in Love (music video) – (editor) (cinematographer) | 2012
  • Dancer Wannabe (short) – (written by) (editor) (executive producer) (1st. Assistant Director) (music director) | 2012
  • Gia The Series (series)
    • Gia Si Devil (2011) (story) (editor) (scriptwriter) (director) (actress) (cinematographer)
    • Gia Si Anak Malas (2011) (editor) (story) (scriptwriter) (director) (actress) (cinematographer)
    • Hari Sial Gia (2011) (story) (editor) (scriptwriter) (director) (cinematographer)


  • Car Free Day (short) – (composer&arranger: “Car Freeday”) | 2013
  • Dancer Wannabe (short) –  (writer: “#Opening”, “#Scene 3 Amel Dance”, “#Scene 3 Amel Clothes Fitting”, “#Scene 5 Nessa Dance”, “#Scene 5 Fadhil Stupid Dance”, “#Scene 5 Amel Silat, #Credits)” | 2012

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  1. Ae dinda…Salam knal…

    Wah blogny oke banget sih…

    Berharap bisa belajar nie dari ad yg 1 ini…Hehe
    Sukses slalu dinda…:nyembah:

  2. halo Dinda…
    Blognya bagus banget..
    Keep writing ya…..!

  3. yng pnting asik klo ada d’dnia maya…:evillaugh:

  4. berawal dari surfing2 di dunia maya,gk sengaja nyasar di blog ini..
    Kesan pertama bgitu nyampe,,waaaahhh..keren bgt ni blog nya,cantik lg tmpilan nya.
    Keep coret2 ya dinda :nyembah:

  5. Terima kasih mbak informasinya tentang Dofollow dan Nofollow, namun sepertinya situs mbak sendiri belum dibuat Dofollow, mohon maaf kalau salah habis saya masih pemula mbak:mikir:

  6. Permisi… Saya baru pertama kali kesini.
    Salam Kenal ya :nyembah:

  7. terima kasih atas not angka lagu Vierranya.
    kebetulan saya lagi belajar keyboard dan piano.

    thanks ya.

  8. Sekolah di SMU favorit rupanya. Kuliahnya sudah belum? Pengen ke Paris juga akhirnya?

    Salam kenal!

  9. Indresh

    Hi your percy jackson books were cool i tried a lot wasting time on other e-book sites but your site gave it all!!!!thanks your cool and amazing!

  10. ``Blaze

    Your site is amazing, i’ve found a lot of books that i’ve been searching for a long time and of course i downloaded them all.
    Could you be so kind as to e-mail me the Nicholas Flamel books?
    Thanks in advance, and keep up with this great work.


  11. Indresh

    Hi Dinda again!
    I really want to read The Immortal Of Meluha Trilogy by Amish Tripathi!
    Can you share them for me please?
    Thank you again for Percy Jackson and one in advance!!

  12. Rama

    Cool Blog,,Nice E-Books…Thank You!

  13. Ma Cherry Ann Arabis

    hi dinda,, i’m from philippines,, cherry here.. i know a book entitled the crucible by gong ji young,. it’s korean. it’s a true story of a deaf school where children are physically and sexually abused by the school administrators. it was also made to a movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3BUIreDAeY . the link is the movie’s trailer. it’s heartbreaking.. i want to read first before watching it..

  14. emily

    Hi, umm i was wondering if you could get the ‘Of Poseidon’ series i think there’s four of these books
    i think the order is
    – legancy lost (a prequel)
    -of poseidon
    -of triton
    – of neptune

  15. How does the download actually work? I try clicking on the pdf links, but they always take me to Open Download Manager– I already installed that, now how do I actually get the books in PDF form? Thanks. I would really appreciate the help. :)

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