Since my father had given me a MacBook , I have been more active in Film Arts. Because I’m addicted in making movies, especially with iMovies. The real proof is in one month, I’ve uploaded more than three videos. I never did that before.

Okay, in this post I’m going to share about the contents of my youtube.

The channel is at Firstly, I shared my short movies there. But later, the contents are vary.

My YouTube Channel

Dinda’s Mart Videos

I shared some video types. Start from short movies, movie series, music cover, stop motion, until movie trailers. I’m still in the progress in increasing my skill in Music and Videography. So, stay tune on my YouTube so you can see my┬áprogress in audio-visual skill :D

Dinda's Mart Videos

2 thoughts on “Meet Me On YouTube!

  1. Aneka HOT
    August 9, 2012 at 2:16 AM

    Langsong nyoba ndelok non. Penasarandot-ndoten. Kangen pisan. :lol:

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