New: French Class at Dinda’s Mart


I have been being interested in French language since I was in Junior High School. In Bekasi, I didn’t get a place to learn French formally. I mean the course.

Now, I’m in Bandung. I get a place to learn French. Close to my house, and no need to spend lot of money for the transport. Here it is..

The name is… Institut Français IndonesiaIFI Logo located at Jalan Purnawarman no.32 Bandung, it’s in the front of Bandung Electronic exactly.

I have been there since January, 9th 2012. Just new.

And I wanna share what I had learn there in Dinda’s Mart with new category French Class. Share everything with everyone, rite? :mrgreen:

Hope you enjoy, maybe I will start if I have much time. See ya! :)

Dinda Watson

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3 thoughts on “New: French Class at Dinda’s Mart

  1. bonne nuit, longtemps sans vous voir
    souviennent encore de moi? hehe..

  2. kayak maneh gak aja din

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