My Fifteen

A birthday cake from my best friend :)

A birthday cake from my best friend :)

Yesterday, November 26th. I celebrated my fifteenth birthday, was a great one :) my first birthday party in my high school.

Firstly, I thought my fifteenth birthday wouldn’t be so special. Because I think I don’t have any very-close friend yet. But, there’s someone that make it tasteful. So sweet…

And, she is my new friend.. Gia ^.^

Gia made a surprise. She tidied up my room with Azzah and when I got into my room, they threw me “toge” and said, “Happy birthday Dinda ^^”. I hate “toge” but, I love the way they bullied me with that :D

Smooched :-*

Then, we ate the cake Gia bought for me, we took some pictures with my webcam. Suddenly, Azzah gave a strange code. Click, the camera capture us, and they smooched me in the cheeks. AAAA :$

Later, I asked my classmates to go to watch Breaking Dawn, but just some friends that join me. That’s okay… I don’t need to spend lots of money ^^

Morning, before these all happened, I got some messages in my Blackberry Messenger. My Junior School friends sent me some pictures and it was really making me soo miss them :'(

Miss You Too Vitaaa :(
This is from Vita
From Lia…

You may don’t know who Rumi is. But, Rumi is me :P. They call me Rumi… Don’t be confused haha… Wings too. In Lia’s picture wings are like soo meaningful to me. you will know what the wings mean if you see my personal blog (it’s secret :P).

That’s all I think. I just make some wishes, everything is for my better one. I hope my fifteen will be a great one and an unforgettable thing in my life. :mrgreen:

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5 thoughts on “My Fifteen

  1. happy birthday..wish u all d best

  2. Nek tanggale aku wis percaya, tahune sing ora podho karo aktene. :lol:

  3. Wah, ternyata Neng Dinda sudah menjadi ABG.
    So sweet… Hope you get a boyfriend soon, and HBD Neng!

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