Pesta Diskon di 11.11 dan 12.12 Lamido Online Revolution

Setelah akhir tahun lalu para pengguna internet dikejutkan dengan diskon besar besaran yang dilakukan oleh . Tahun 2014 ini untuk kedua kalinya Lamido akan menyelenggarakan program serupa yang dikenal dengan sebutan 11.11 dan 12.12 Online Revolution. Event tersebut adalah program event tahunan dari Lamido yang diselenggarakan pada tanggal 11 bulan 11 dan tanggal 12 bulan 12 para pengguna internet di Indonesia akan kembali mendapatkan diskon mengejutkan dari Lamido hingga 80% OFF. Continue reading Pesta Diskon di 11.11 dan 12.12 Lamido Online Revolution

Scratch Project – Choose Your Own Adventure: The Hunger Games

Scratch is a platform for a programmer to make music, stories, and games. Here is my first project for IF1210 (Fundamentals of Programming) titled “Choose Your Own Adventure: The Hunger Games” which happened to win the first place in Class.


This is adapted from The Hunger Games franchise and Choose Your Own Adventure book series.

Here you can choose your character and make your decisions so you can make your own story line.

When you’re almost reach the “good ending” there will be some mini games. You will get one depends on which personality of your character you choose.

Beware, only a few paths towards the “good ending”

This is still on it’s Alpha version because the team thought that there are so many features that can actually be added. :)

Notes and Credits

Fajar Andy (16513016) : games
Adinda Rana Trisanti (16513177) : backgrounds and sprites
Dinda Ayu Rahmi (16513212) : concept, music director, and game edit
Ervan Haryadi (16513219) : presentation slides
Mahesa Gandakusuma (16513261) : games
Rohcahyo Adi Wicaksono (16513359) : games

Musics from James Newton Howard (THG Scores)
Soundtracks from Taylor Swift and Arcade Fire (O.S.T THG)
Musics and Sound Effects from Apple Loops

Credits to Suzanne Collins and Lionsgate

I hope you enjoy it!

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Sweet Seventeen in College

Yesterday I just celebrated my 17th birthday. was a great one!!!! my sweet seventeen, but when I am already go to college, I thought it wouldn’t be so special. But my college friends made it extraordinary.

Big thanks to these girls!

Hana Alaydrus, Jessica Handayani, Venny Larasati, Vanya Deasy, Zulva Fachrina, Adinda Rana, Vivien Yolanda, Pipin Kurniawati, Desiana Diennur, and Riani Jana Yanti.

My classmates in Physics, Chemistry, and Sport class. And it was all Tuesday’s subject! Yesterday was one of my best Tuesday!!!!

pic. by jessica

And also big thanks to my lovely mate Kinta Martin for the sound she uploaded at her soundcloud and pic she made me!

And I got some lovely tweets from my friends, I love you all guys. Thank You very much.

TV Shows Review: Pretty Little Liars

PLL Season 4 Poster

Akhir-akhir ini aku mulai tertarik dengan sebuah serial bergenre drama-thriller yang berjudul “Pretty Little Liars”. Aku diperkenalkan dengan serial ini oleh Kinta. Dari segi judul, awalnya aku kira ini bercerita tentang drama-drama cheesy gitu deh. Tetapi ternyata, serial ini lebih dari itu.

TV shows ini bercerita tentang 4 orang cewek yaitu Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, dan Emily Fields yang terlibat dalam misteri hilangnya sahabat dan juga leader grup mereka, Alison DiLaurentis. Satu hari sebelum diberitakan bahwa mayat Alison ditemukan, mereka mendapatkan pesan misterius dari “A”. Pesan yang berisi bahwa “A” mengetahui rahasia mereka, dan rahasia itu hanyalah Alison yang tahu. Premis utama cerita ini yaitu, “Siapakah ‘A’?” dan “Apakah Alison masih hidup?”

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I’m sorry guys. Recently I have so many copyright notices for my e-Books and this is bad for my site. So I decided to take down all the e-Books links and posts in the end of June.

However, you still can request to have e-Books by sending it via e-mail. You may donate to me if you want to get the books.

That’s all. I’m sorry and thank you.